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Quickly search for relevant harvested, storage data. Easily export to Excel, PDF or Print

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Arable harvest data | Ambient & Drying data | Vegetable harvest data | Cold Storage data

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Click Here to try the Demo Site. Use the login details provided on the front page.


Purchasing a Seasonal subscription enables group access to farm workers accounts with Two types of Crop Data collection.
Crop Type Data:
Crop Type 1: This is an Arable crop table layout designed to work with individual trailer loads as they are unloaded.
Crop Type 2: Vegetable crop format. This can record data per trailer load, a field or plots total, a work days total or a varieties completion.

Farm Workers Group Roles.

With the ability to assign farm workers ‘Group Roles’ fulltime/part time employees can access work specific data tables. Farm Worker Group Roles eg. Crop Type 1 Carters, have a single Group Username and Password ‘ct1c’ for all members of this work group.

Group Roles and what they do:

Farmsystem Admin:
The Administrator User Role is given to the account holder when they subscribe, it is the highest account level. It grants the user access to ALL of the Farmsystem features and control over the registered account.
Crop Type 1 (Arable) Storekeeper & Loader:
This allows access to Crop Type 1 content only. This role should be given to members of staff who control the Harvester and the Drying/Storage areas. Allows access to relevant tables Edit/Delete functionality.
Loader Operator ADD data only:
This option allows a temporary Loader operator to ADD data to the Export tickets table only.
Crop Type 1 Carter ADD data only:
This option allows access to Crop Type 1 (Arable) table ADD data only. Crop Type 1 Carters are given a generic Users Account so that they can collectively enter the crop data as it is unloaded. This farm worker account allows for New Entries Only! Designed to allow limited access for temporary staff.
Crop Type 1 Carter + Edit / Delete
This option allows (Trusted) carters access to Crop Type 1 (Arable) table but with the added ability to Edit / Delete data on the move.
Crop Type 2 (Vegetable) Management:
This allows access to Crop Type 2 content only: Harvester operators, Grading line and Storage Area Management.
QRcode signs for storage areas.
Farmsystem offers the option to print and use QRcode signs for direct linking to specific storage areas. Place the relevant QRcode signs outside of storage areas, then using your mobile devices camera scan the sign – click/tap the displayed link and be instantly taken to the storage areas page and specific tab.

Internet via mobile connection is required at crop storage locations as ‘live’ harvest data is uploaded directly to the websites database. Try the Demo Subscription on a mobile device at storage locations.

Start your mobile devices camera and view the QRCode image on screen. Tap the link to open the Demo Subscription site.

Storage Data

Crop storage tables are available for collecting live data over time. Keep track of what, where and when farm crops and other items are stored.

Personalize Farm Info

Admins can add titles to storage areas Tabs via the Administration dropdown bar located at the top of all tabbed pages.

Export Excel, PDF, Print!

You can easily export data to Excel, PDF or Print with just a couple of clicks. Using a tables search parameters you can specify which data to export.

Quick to fill, easy to edit

Save your crops storage data to tables. Entries are added to the top row listed by date. You can also edit data directly on the table or form.

Quick View Frontpage

Keep an eye on the harvests progress via the front page quick view panels. Showing averages and totals as they are entered live!

Two Harvest Types

Records two types of Harvest.
Type 1 (Arable): Stored/Dried/Exported
Type 2 (Vegetable): Graded – Stored/Exported.

Digitaly Stored

Store your harvests data digitaly as it’s collected on data tables that are accessable to employees of your choosing, live 24/7.

Find Data Fast!

Find data fast using individual column queries (search boxes at the base of each column) or the general table search top right of the table.

QR Code Signs

Quick access via QRCode signs is available. Print and place them where relevant, aim your mobile devices camera at the sign and click the link!